We are a software consultancy based in Berlin, Germany. We deliver
high quality web apps in short timespans.

Upstream Agile GmbH

What we do.

Develop Custom Software

We offer the full package, turning your ideas into working software - including screen design, server deployment and maintenance.

Ready for your customers in a few weeks.

Maintain Code Quality

Does your software have more bugs than you can count or is it too hard to maintain?

We offer code reviews and refactorings to improve code quality and maintainability.


We pair with your programmers on real projects to teach them our techniques.

From using the best tools to pair programming and test driven development.

What our customers say.

It was great to work with Upstream. Their performance and flexibility was key to make the Facebook Sharing System a success.

Ana Srepel, Project Manager N+H

The guys from Upstream impressed me with their delivery speed and their deep expertise in Rails.

Stephan Wiesener, CTO housetrip.com

Recent Work.

Client Projects

Facebook Sharing System Screenshot Housetrip Screenshot CampusStatistik Screenshot MindFeud Screenshot jamii Screenshot
  • Facebook Sharing System

    The platform enables Mercedes-Benz to coordinate Social Media with their retailers.

  • Housetrip

    HouseTrip is a market place for short term rentals.

  • CampusStatistik

    CampusStatistik lets users earn points for answering surveys and get prizes in exchange.

  • MindFeud

    Scalable backend for iOS/Android game.

  • Jamii

    jamii is a VOIP enabled web app that helps to organize people via phone.


  • Cobot Logo
  • cobot

    Cobot is the leading management software for coworking. Coworking spaces around the world use our software to run their business.

Side Projects

Open Source

  • couch potato

    Ruby persistence framework for CouchDB. used in many of our projects.

  • culerity

    Tool for integration testing web applications from database to in browser javascript.

  • boom_amazing

    In browser presentation tool with a zooming interface.

Who we are.

What we have to say.

Most Important

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From Journeyman to Client

Agile project management makes the client an integral part of the development process. This article explains what your responsibilities and powers as a client are, and helps you to understand project management the way we see it. read more

Upstream Agile Project Checklist

In order to improve communication and make it clear what to expect and what not to I came up with the following checklist of what agile projects are about. read more

Latest Blog Posts

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