We are a software consultancy based in Berlin, Germany. We deliver
high quality web apps in short timespans.

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10 reasons why you should work with us

The product you need

We work in short iterations of 1-2 weeks, constantly adjusting according to your feedback, so you get the software you want.

With our agile planning methods you get the features you really need, resulting in a slim, easy to use product.

Quality Matters

With pair programming and testing built into our development cycle we make sure you get 100% quality.

This not only avoids profit loss when your software isn't working, it also significantly reduces your maintenance cost, which most projects spend the majority of their budget on.

We Have The Experts

We work with an international team of programmers who all adhere to our high standards.

We devote one day per week to learning, which means we become better programmers, managers and designers every week.

How We Work

Project Vision

Before we commit to a project we hold a one day workshop with you.

We determine your goals and how we can achieve them together. This way we make sure our expectations are aligned and we can deliver what you need.

Short Iterations

Our work cycle is to come together and plan ahead for 1 to 2 weeks, implement, deliver, get paid, repeat.

This approach gives you great flexibility to steer your project: adjust features to changing requirements, pause development to refine concepts, manage budget - and release often.

Pair Programming

Our programmers always work in pairs, which means two people in front of one computer.

Pair programming not only reduces the risk of errors, it also improves software design, developer productivity and motivation - resulting in reduced project cost.

Early Releases

We give you access to your software within a few days after the start of the project.

This means you get to know your product very early, knowing that it will work the way you want it to. As your software is always in a usable state you can decide to go live at any time.

Our values.


Communication is the key to project success. Which is why we devote a great deal of our attention and process to it.

We meet with our clients regularly to discuss the next steps in a project. We constantly show you our progress and collect your feedback.

Working Software

Working software is our way of communication.

Instead of spending weeks on documentation that will be outdated soon due to changing requirements, we give you access to your software within a few days after the start of the project.


No project without trust. You will have to trust us that we are giving our best, and we trust you that you will do the same.

To make things easier our projects come with an extra low risk: You can see your product within a few days, so you can be confident that it's steering in the right direction.

Hello Explorer!

You’ve found our very old Website Archive (2007-2012). It’s a bit out of date, but we love looking back at how it all started - and how far we’ve come since then! We’re now fully focused on building our coworking management product, Cobot.

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