We are a software consultancy based in Berlin, Germany. We deliver
high quality web apps in short timespans.

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Who we are.

  • Thilo

    Thilo Utke:
    Owner of Upstream, Programmer

  • Alex

    Alexander Lang:
    Owner, Programmer, Products
    Twitter | Blog

  • Aleks

    Aleks Pekšana:
    Community Manager

  • Robin

    Robin Mehner:
    Programmer, User group evangelist
    Website | Twitter

  • Frank

    Frank Prößdorf:
    Website | Twitter

  • Kristina

    Kristina Schneider:
    Designer, Frontend
    Portfolio | Twitter

  • Cristina

    Cristina Santamarina:
    Sales, Marketing, Support

A network of programmers, designers, marketers, and support people in Berlin, Germany.

A coworking space that attracts smart people of all kinds.

A host of events, to learn from and spread the knowledge.

Regular attendees and speakers at tech conferences and other events.

Beneficiaries and contributors to open source.

A team that loves their work, otherwise we wouldn't be here.

Open minded, meeting and learning from others all the time.

A network of freelancers.

Explorers, always looking for ways to improve.

Hello Explorer!

You’ve found our very old Website Archive (2007-2012). It’s a bit out of date, but we love looking back at how it all started - and how far we’ve come since then! We’re now fully focused on building our coworking management product, Cobot.

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