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New Rails Plugin: social feed

April 25, 2008 by alex


This is our latest and also largest plugin for ruby on rails so far. After the installation it adds a social feed as seen in the picture to your rails application. The sources have been extracted from autoki which has had a social feed for a couple of months now, so rest assured we have put some thoughts into it over time. :)

Features so far: As a user I can decide what kinds of events I want to see on my social feed and also wether I want to be sent an email when an event occurs. I can also decide wether others will receive a notification on their social feed concerning my own actions.

The plugin includes model extensions for the user, a controller and views for viewing the feed and editing settings as well as a generator to easily create new event types so, getting started only takes a couple of minutes. For more info check out the README or get the sources from github.

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