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Rails Camp Denmark - Back to nature the ruby way.

September 07, 2008 by thilo

If you ever meet a bunch of people sitting with their laptops in front of a tent in the middle of nowhere you might have stumbled across a rails camp. The rails camp is a new unconference where ruby hackers meet to exchange ideas and have fun in an open and inspiring environment. And what could be more open and inspiring when being torn out of your everyday internet/office/city routine by camping. Being cut off from the internet will bring up new approaches and insights to overcome programming challenges as well as bring the members of the ruby community more in touch with each other. Of course it’s also a hell of fun when you’re off from your daily routine with a lot to laugh, drink and play.

That’s why we will attend the rails camp in Denmark to meet our fellow rubyists (eg. from Oslo or the last Euruko) and might code some crazy ideas. The Rails Camp Denmark will likely take place at the end of October - the final date isn’t set yet - 24th October just outside Svendborg on the Danish island of Funen. If you want to join the rails camp you should invest 75 Euro and be prepared for camping over a weekend. More details and discussions can be found in the google group.

Hold your thumbs that the temperatures at the End of October don’t drop below zero so we won’t have to keep our mac books running to heat our tent. ;)

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