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Product Launch: doingtext.com

October 01, 2008 by alex

We have just launched the closed beta of a new product: doingtext.com.

Doingtext is a text collaboration tool. After entering your invite key you will be able to start a new discussion about a text that is already there or to be written. You can send the URL of this discussion to anyone you want (they don’t need an account or invite) and they can comment on every line of your text and suggest changes.

If you are working with texts please head over and get a beta invite and help us turn doingtext into a great product. We rely on your feedback.

We are posting regular updates on twitter and the doingtext blog.

Hello Explorer!

You’ve found our very old Website Archive (2007-2012). It’s a bit out of date, but we love looking back at how it all started - and how far we’ve come since then! We’re now fully focused on building our coworking management product, Cobot.

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