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Bug fighting with Test Driven Development Follow-Up

February 08, 2009 by thilo

On Thursday I gave a talk about Bug fighting with TDD and how it will help you to write better software at the Ruby User Group in Berlin. Sorry, I won’t put the slides online, although people asked about it. I think they are a pretty useless collection of keywords and pictures without the talking. Instead I like to provide a collection of links to dive into the whole testing matters.

First a collection of tools you can choose from for various testing scenarios. They all have their pros and cons, it just comes down to which will do the job best for you.

Tools for Unit Testing

Tools for Mocking

Tools for Acceptance Testing

Tools to generate test objects

Misc tools

To save you the initial searching where to start, I collected some links where you find basic information about testing in general or with certain tools.

Getting started

For everyone who wants to get more into the subject, I drilled down my feed reader to collect some interesting blog posts on testing matters.

Opinions and In-sign

So much for my two cents to make the software world better.

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