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Upstream goes San Francisco!

August 31, 2009 by alex

Today is our last day in the Berlin office before this year’s remote office. After the first iteration last year, where we stayed in beautiful Oslo for a week, we have extended the time and distance for this year: 3 weeks of San Francisco.

We’ll be working there (mostly) as usual during the days and then explore the city in the nights. For the first week we rented a beautiful apartment from where we can work and start exploring. We are still waiting for some other great place to come to us for the rest of our stay and we’ll also try out all the cool and hip coworking spaces. Apart from that we want to meet geeks and normal people, go to an apple store for the first time, maybe attend some user group events, meet with some CouchDB folks, drive across the bay … whatever comes up.

If you want us to buy you a beer, have some spare desks for a few days in your office where we could work, any hints for places/events we have to visit or know someone who might rent out an apartment please let us know in the comments. You can also follow and contact us on twitter.

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