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Upstream spreading to Scandinavia

January 12, 2010 by alex

As of last week upstream is now present in 2 more countries: Finland and Sweden. We see a strong increase in the web development market in the scandinavian area so we want to be there before the rest of the world notices. Ok ok, so actually that’s not the reason. Both Frank and I moved for personal reasons.

Frank is now situated in Turku, Finland and I’m in Lund, Sweden. We will both be staying there for about half a year and continue to work for upstream remotely. As our company pair programs all the time so are we“ only remotely now, using iChat’s screen sharing/audio chat and good old Textmate. It actually works smoother than it did when we tested it in the office’s wireless network. Scandinavian communication infrastructure is pretty good.

While we are here in the north we will be attending and possibly speaking at a few conferences in the area like Nordic Ruby and the Scandinavian Web Developer Conference (SWDC).

If you are interested or know anyone who would want to hire us for a web project either in Sweden or Finland please drop us a note. While remotely working for the Berlin office is ok it would be nice to work on our own. We create high quality, fully tested webapps in a few week’s time, we help with code quality and scalability problems, we can do training/coaching on various programming/agile topics, remotely or on site.

Oh and if you don’t have a project for us but live in the area say hi so we can invite you for a beer or two. :)

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